To All Our Valued Clients:


Since June 2019, trusii has not conducted any business selling machines. We’ve tried everything in our power to take care of our clients and to fight the false narratives perpetrated against our company, but the attacks we’ve sustained over the past three years have left us without any options to move forward. 


As of today, September 1, 2021, we are reluctantly closing our doors. 


Although we may not be selling H2 systems anymore, we are going to be honoring our warranty for our valued clients, and we will even continue to help service systems for clients with expired or voided warranties. It has been our privilege and honor to serve every one of you.


Since August of 2019, our Service department has serviced and/or repaired over 400 systems, so rest assured you are in good hands.


This is a very sad day for us, as our mission from day one has been to serve our clients in the most geniune and effective ways possible. 


To those of you who have spread the rumors, lies, and false narratives that harmed our customers and limited our capabilities to help them, shame on you. And you can guarantee that we will not rest until the truth comes out.


To those of you who have supported us throughout both the good and the bad times, we cannot thank you enough, and we will always be here for you. 


If you have any issues whatsoever with your machines, please email us at, and for any and all other inquiries, you can reach us at

"In life you will meet two types of people: the ones who will build you up, and the ones who will tear you down. And in the end, you will thank them both." 

To ALL of you, thank you...