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"This trusii water has proven to be important for my overall health improvement since diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia over a year ago. I have had no medical treatment but cancer symptoms have not progressed and some symptoms improved such as headaches and body aches and fatigue. I am glad to avoid chemotherapy."


"My family & I have been using this fabulous Molecular Hydrogen Water System for about 4 months. We love having access to this fresh, energizing, cold water whenever we want it. We've become accustomed to drinking our water from "the System" instead of the tap. I personally drink a glass every night before bed and have noticed I sleep very soundly (normally a very light sleeper) and a glass immediately upon waking for my first dose of "rebuilding". We all drink water before & after the gym for "recovery". The water is cold and tastes very clean. The family loves it and we thank Trusii everyday for the great opportunity to experience this Molecular Hydrogen Water System. Can't imagine our water intake without it!!!"


“As a father of 3 (all under the age 3) and owning a tech company, the two areas of my life that take the biggest hit are my sleep and focus. Unfortunately, those also happen to be the two areas I need the most to be a productive human. That's why I started using the Trusii H2 EliteX System. I needed to find a way to counteract all the bad habits I'd been forming and start taking productive steps. I'm naturally skeptical about health systems because I'm an avid biohacker and have seen the good and the bad, mostly bad. But I can honestly say that since using this system, the two areas I've been tracking (sleep and focus) have improved significantly. I'm sleeping more soundly. not waking up every few hours like I used to and I'm actually getting more done with work than ever. I'm excited to see the other benefits I'll get using the system, but the sleep and focus aspect alone make me a true believer."


"We are now in spring and I am realizing that I never got sick this winter. First time in my life I can actually say that. I usually get at least a cold in February and not even that. I do believe that trusii has made a positive impact on my gut health because of all the other benefits such as clearer skin, but I also have to attribute a stronger immune system because it’s the only thing I did differently this winter. Yay trusii!"


"I've had severe insomnia for years and was always tired at work... and I'm incredibly diligent about my health and nutrition! But now since I started drinking trusii H2, I have so much consistent energy, and in 5 months, none of it has gone away... and the benefits have intensified! I used to wake up in the middle of the night every night, and now I sleep through the night! I feel awake and energetic all day... and it's NEVER been like that my whole life."


“I was suffering from severe fibromyalgia for 15 years. The nerve pain was so bad that I was taking up to 8 Norco pain killers every single day and I would be lucky to sleep a full night in an entire year. I had such low energy that I had to drink up to 5 cans of energy drink just to keep my eyes open. Everything changed immediately after I’ve started drinking trusii’s h2, my pain level had gone down 90%, I’m full of energy, no more brain fog, I can sleep fully each night, feel better than normal and I am actually back to work! Words cannot describe what trusii’s h2 has done for me!”


"Since I started taking trusii H2 water, every health problem that I had was decreasing, now I sleep better, I laugh more, when I go to my walks to the mountains I get tired less, my energy levels are much better, the pains in my joints almost disappeared and the most surprising thing is that I remember each of my dreams clearly. I definitely recommend that you take trusii H2 water, you will not regret it, really, it is worth trying, if you want to have better health and live without pain or health problems please take trusii H2 water!"


“I have suffered from a form of ulcerative colitis since I was in my late twenties and I have documented this in H2 questionnaires in the past. The results of a recent exam from this winter showed absolutely no sign of disease and all the biopsies were completely normal. While I have been in relative remission for a number of years, this was the first colonoscopy ever that showed me to be disease free. ”


"I have been suffering from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) for over 3 years now. I have seen many neurologists and have had no diagnosis as to why I was having the issues I was having. I was suffering from a condition when I would get stressed (either physical or mental) I would get light headed, tunnel vision, dizziness, shortness of breath and a quick spike in body temperature. I have changed my lifestyle almost 180 degrees from how I was living before and saw some improvements. But after just 3 weeks of drinking this water these symptoms have vanished. I am just into week 5 but still have not had any of these issues. I have been able to return to the gym and can physically put stress on my body without having the issues I just mentioned. I wish I knew about this sooner, but glad I found it now. Truly an amazing product."


“I have always struggled sleeping since I am a light sleeper. When I would fall asleep I tend to wake up a couple of times a night, impacting my sleep quality. Since drinking H2, I was able to sleep much better, sometimes even sleeping all the way through to the morning. I feel more refreshed throughout the day now compared to before. Another benefit I have noticed for H2 was that it helps to improve my workout, I feel that I can take less breaks between sets and that I can make it throughout the workout without being gassed out like before. I am definitely impressed with my sleep and workout quality being improved.”


Since starting H2 water with trusii, I have noticed more energy, better hydration, and my skin looks and feels amazing! I love knowing that I am drinking water that provides such benefits, even the ones I can't see/feel because of its anti-inflammatory role. If you are a fellow health nut, this is a must-have system.


I have to say hands down this has helped me so much, not just to drink more water but for my pain. I had an accident at work and have 2 bad knees and and 2 disks shifted, so I was living with a lot of pain and swelling, but ever since I started it has been the best thing I no longer take pain medication on a daily basis... it’s the BEST!!! You have to try it!


"As a type 1 diabetic, I have had digestive problems. I would go to the restroom ONLY 2 times per week, for past 31 years. Since H2, I use the restroom 2-3 times per day! H2 has helped me with so much more! My hair is also a lot fuller since drinking H2. My hair used to fall off during showers, and I use to struggle with pain in my vericose veins. Now, my hair is fuller and my veins NO LONGER hurt!"


"Before I started H2, I had pains constantly either morning or night; sometimes severe and sometimes just mild. I also had countless severe migraines almost every single day and near constant fatigue. For 6 months total of being on trusii H2, I've had 1 to zero migraines and all of my body pain has completely DISAPPEARED! And it's actually given me energy to do a lot in the day, since I haven't been fatigued AT ALL. On top of that, people who haven't seen me in a while tell me that I'm absolutely glowing!"


I had started drinking trusii H2 right after I was diagnosed with Non-hodgkin's b-cell lymphoma. I was in a lot of pain and could not move on some days. Since taking H2, my energy has done a full turn around. The pain has subsided for the most part, but what is most noticeable is the fact that I can get up, cook, clean, and run errands while on chemotherapy without a second thought. My oncologist is shocked at how well I am doing, and I owe it all to trusii H2. I love it and recommend it to family, friends and strangers. Even my husband advocates for H2 because he sees how I was and how I am doing now with H2 in my life. I have already beaten lymphoma thanks to H2 and my future looks great!


I am a fitness fanatic and am always looking for new ways to improve my health that do not have negative side effects. This is the perfect product. Since starting trusii H2, I am much better hydrated and feeling much stronger during the day. I believe my recovery in between workouts has improved as I am working out more with less muscle aches and strains. In addition, several chronic ailments including golf elbow, knee pain, and shoulder aches have all improved and I rarely notice them now. This is a great product and I highly recommend giving it a try!


“trusii H2 has changed my life like nothing else before. True fountain of Youth found ! Nothing else has ever rehydrated or kept hydration levels above normal as Trusii H2 has done. Try for yourselves , as I had to prove to myself. I felt hydration levels begin to skyrocket then healing of joint and muscle aches. Arthritis pain diminished greatly, inflammation eliminated or reduced beyond believe. During sleep Hydration has helped w snoring , didn’t know I was a snorer yet others did. More rested sleep even with less hours slept. My Hope for you is that you find the same proof I have found with trusii H2 and that your results surpass mine.”


I will never be without trusii H2! Though I have lived an unusually healthy lifestyle starting at the age of 16 by going off all sugar, white flour and artificial foods, stress caught up with me as time went on. While certain supplements have proven helpful here and there, nothing has been as dramatic or life changing as molecular hydrogen. I have my sleep, energy, mental focus and clarity back! And anyone who has ever been without those knows what it is to lose them. Getting them back is HUGE and I have trusii H2 to that for that! I recommend trusii H2 to everyone without reservation.


"I was diagnosed with testicular cancer when I was 19... it really took a lot out of me, and it took me a while to start treatment. When I started chemotherapy, I got sick and it made me hurt...unbearable pain, and my immune system was trashed. I was taking a lot of pain medication, and I felt like it was doing a lot more harmful things to me than helping me out. Ever since I started trusii H2, I have NOT refilled my pain medicine, and it's been over 4 months. I'm feeling great!"


Drinking trusii H2 water has been the most powerful health enhancement that I have ever tried in my life. The very first day that I drank trusii H2 water, my mountain bike performance was dramatically better, and that night my sleep was significantly more restorative. These benefits continue, now nine months later. Additional "side-effects" from H2 water include: much more energy, brighter mood; bigger muscles (I can lift more intensely and frequently); no pain or stiffness; no more muscle cramps; no more migraines, and more. In my body H2 is a magic pill, but better, because pills often have toxicities, while H2 does not. I feel renewed, revitalized, and refreshed when I drink H2 water. I enjoy reading the scientific literature on H2 (I have a PhD) to learn about the mechanisms of biological impact that I experience. I LOVE the power of trusii H2 water in my life.


This is from someone who for years now has worked out consistently, eats a very clean keto/paleoish diet, has a whole cocktail of high quality supplements and fun biohacks and does all the "right" things. YET. From a very young age, I've dealt with skin and gut issues as well as adrenal and thyroid problems. Though I did not think that drinking trusii hydrogen water would give me an added edge over everything else I was doing... I was dead wrong. Since drinking the trusii H2 water, not only am I far more regular in going to the bathroom, but my energy and sleep have improved tremendously, and my skin? Little to no breakouts. My workouts are better. I'm recovering faster. I FEEL less inflamed day to day. Doesn't matter if you're an athlete, student, stay at home mom or dad, business exec, high performer, doesn't matter the state of your health... EVERYONE can experience improvement in some area of their lives and I seriously couldn't recommend a better tool to add to your toolkit.


We are in our 70s and 80s and have been health oriented for decades. Nevertheless, health issues have been creeping in over the years. The benefits of drinking this amazing trusii water have manifested in very surprising ways. The elimination of headaches, back pain, moles, increase saliva flow, elimination night cramps, elimination of severe anemia and edema, and just more energy and mental clarity and focus.  

We can say without hesitation that purchasing the trusii Pro and following a regimen of drinking four ounces every half-hour to an hour has been the single most important health benefit we have implemented in our lives.  


I've found trusii H2's water system to be profoundly beneficial to regaining my optimal weight, mental clarity and focus. I no longer experience dips or lulls in my energy level when working intensely at the computer throughout the day, and find myself taking less breaks to refresh my mind.   Overall all positives after starting consuming H2 water, and no negatives.


My experience with hydrogen water has been truly life-changing. I have more energy for my entire day which includes a lot of physical activity. In addition to teaching my own fitness classes I have upped the challenge of my own workouts and recover more quickly. I have been injury free for the last six months which is extraordinary for me. In the past I used to be very injury prone – in fact almost every three months I could count on one. My mental focus and clarity have also improved and I have more energy to work on my business in terms of organization and planning. I’m a very satisfied H2 participant! Do it... you won’t be sorry.


I’m a cancer patient who underwent a significant lifestyle change in 2014 and was introduced to trusii H2 in February 2018. I have been gradually increasing my intake of trusii H2. So far it has not diminished my overall health. My blood lab results demonstrate acceptable cancer markers and I’m optimistic about my future health results at the once year mark. Thanks trusii for developing a valuable piece of equipment to aid in boosting my immune system!


I have always tried to keep myself active and fit despite my health concerns. Since starting trusii H2 water system I have noticed a decrease in joint and muscle pain, especially after workouts. I not only have noticed clarity and stable emotional state, I don’t have the crying spells from anxiety and depression. I have been able to wean off medications for anxiety and sleep. I’m sleeping more sound and feel energetic when I wake.

I would recommend trusii to anybody wants to support their emotional, mental and physical health. You don’t have to be I’ll to reap the benefits. If you love your body and want to retain the youthful glow to your skin you need to try trusii H2 water!


My quality of life has drastically improved. I have energy that I haven’t felt in years. No sluggishness or brain fog. I am so very grateful.


In my first week of use, I noticed an amazing level of recovery from intense 'burning the candle at both ends in NYC' that I attribute to trusii H2 Water System; so much so, it motivated me to acquire a system for my use at home in CA.


There is definitely something amazing that drinking the trusii H2 water does to your overall body. I have noticed a subtle but very real sense of better focus and energy. I love the feeling of not being dependent on coffee to "wake me up, or get me through the afternoon." I have been working out in a Crossfit gym for two years now and am currently in the best shape of my life. Since I've started with the trusii H2 system, I have experienced and explosion with my bodies capacity. My body feels like it runs more efficiently. My strength, endurance, cardio, recovery, and overall fitness level feels like it has shifted into overdrive! I believe this science is a health and performance game changer and I'm so grateful I made the decision to place that first order!


My wife, kids and I continue to use the trusii h2 water today. We enjoy all the benefits like plenty of energy, keeping our mind clear and focused, well rested, hydrated, and feeling healthy.


Since implementing trusii water into my daily life, I have seen improvements in my joints, hydration and mood. I no longer have to drink an excessive amount of water to stay hydrated. In addition, my mental clarity has improved in a noticeable matter.


I find I am better able to lose weight when diet, exercise and drinking H2 water regularly are part of my routine. I highly recommend H2 water to anyone! Virtually anyone will see amazing benefits from decreased inflammation to improved sleep when drinking this water!


In general I'm a pretty healthy person, but I deal with a couple of auto-immune disorders with Hypothyrodism and psoriasis. The Trusii H2 water has definitely helped with the fatigue and with my skin. I also just love the taste of the water and has helped me stay well hydrated. Love Love Trusii H2!!!!


Trusii H2 is all I drink now. I used to rely on coffee for energy but I would have caffeine withdrawals. If I didn’t drink coffee for a day, I would have really bad migraines. It’s been 7 months since I had coffee and I feel great. I barely have any migraines now!


I must say my overall health seems to have improved, most importantly my sleep which has enabled me to perform daily tasks with much more clarity. Now that it is allergy season, I have noticed my congestion in the morning along with sneezing is at an all time low! Migraines are very few and far between, which means I take less drugs to elivate the pain and nausea.

I never leave home without my trusii water!!


Since starting trusii H2, I have been able to decrease the dosage of the natural supplements that I have been taking to control my Hashimoto Thyroid disease. I have worked very hard to get my levels normal through diet and supplements, and now I have been able to cut back on the supplements! I have also started exercising, which I didn't have the energy to do before. I sleep better so I am more rested and have the energy and the drive to exercise, and that is new since starting trusii H2!


Since I started drinking Trusii H2 water I feel a lot of energy throughout the day and I am to do 12-14 hour shifts per day while still working out in between and making time for my family and friends. It is very easy to get in up the mornings and my sleep is great! I do not wake up at all and can remember my dreams vividly. My immune system got a lot stronger! I went from getting sick every season to almost a year without getting sick! My workouts are intense and the amount of time i rest in between sets are very short. That has allowed to put on new muscle and also keep muscle as I lean out. And for all my bodybuilders, the mind to muscle connection is far better than before but wait until you get the PUMP! Out of this world! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a lot on their plate at work and still wants to be in a good mood when they get home and workout and just in general, anyone looking for a better health!


Since making trusii H2 water part of my life, I no longer have to take Nitric Oxide capsules in order to get through a high-intensity water aerobics workout! I am a cancer patient and have struggled with loss of energy, sleeplessness, pain, and depression as a result; but now ALL of these things and so many more are relieved! I sleep well all night long, and waking 4 or 5 times to use the bathroom, or tossing and turning, is now just a dim memory. I have energy that lasts all day, and I never have "crashes" anymore. My dry eye is gone; my sinuses, head and chest are clear of mucus; and I am just generally better: this year on Good Friday I walked the Via Dolorosa with our church's Hispanic community - and I had never done that before; I was always afraid I wouldn't make it...but this year, it only dawned on me how much was different, when I realized we were nearing the end, and I was still standing and walking comfortably. This was a big deal, as I have all sorts of other health problems of long duration (ideopathic neuropathy for the past 35 years at least; fibromyalgia, scoliosis and arthritis, and all sorts of other stuff)...but everything is better and better!!!


Since I started taking trusii H2 water, every health problem that I had was decreasing, now I sleep better, I laugh more, when I go to my walks to the mountains I get tired less, my energy levels are much better, the pains in my joints almost disappeared and the most surprising thing is that I remember each of my dreams clearly. I definitely recommend that you take trusii H2 water, you will not regret it, really, it is worth trying, if you want to have better health and live without pain or health problems please take trusii H2 water!


Since I started drinking trusii, I have been off my ibuprofen which am super impressed with... I really thought I would need them forever! I see improvement in my hair as well. I'm loving my trusii water.


Trusii gives me increased energy which has made a huge impact with second concussion syndrome. I also feel much more hydrated although I am not drinking any more water than before so the water hydrates in a deeper level, allowing for much less perceived “thirst,” on any given day. It has surely improved my mood but I can’t say how much as I am unwilling to stop drinking it to find out while I am doing so well!

Thinking about life without Trusii is hard.


As someone with a chronic digestive disease I am no stranger to having a restricted diet. As such it's been over 15 years since the last time I have been able to eat a steak. Even eating a hamburger cause me extremely painful intestional cramps. That fortunately has changed since I started to drink Trusii H2 water regularly. One night going to dinner at a steak house (always having had to order chicken or fish), I decided to test the power of H2. After enjoying a juicy 6oz fillet mignon, I felt like a ticking time bomb. But hours later and not a single cramp. I couldn't believe it, normally I would be clutching my sides from pain. Since then I have enjoyed many steaks and burgers without worrying about what the aftermath will be. All by just drinking water, and as someone who has to drink 7 pills on a daily basis I greatly appreciate this.

99% of the time when something seems too good to be true it usually is, but trusii H2 will make you a believer.


Trusii H2 water is a godsend. My sleep quality has definitely improved. I can sleep late and get around 4 hours of sleep compared to my normal 7 hours and still feel like I got a full night's rest.


Before Trusii I was in bad shape. My pain from my previous cancer was beyond bearable and I was constantly tired. After using Trusii it seems as if everything has changed. I no longer get pain and my energy level has skyrocketed. I highly recommend it especially if you have pain, low energy, and don’t sleep well this will restore you to a better state of being. Much love!


I have a lot of health issues to manage and some overlap other conditions. The molecular water hasn’t taken my health problems away but the rebound is priceless. It is giving me an assist to getting back to the things that I like doing in life.

The molecular water is also beginning to reduce the overall impact of the combating conditions that I am not incapacitated as much. I am accumulating sick time now. These things are monumental in my life.


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